Dublin's Dobbins Restaurant Goes Into Examinership

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Dublin's Dobbins Restaurant Goes Into Examinership

The group that operates the well known Dobbins restaurant on St Stephen's Lane in Dublin, as well as the 3-star Becketts Hotel and Restaurant in Leixlip, Co Kildare, has been put into examinership.

The High Court appointed an interim examiner of four related companies - Dobbins Wine Bistro, Dobbins Holding Company, Camrue Holding Company and Camrue Catering - after the group were forced to seek court protection after the loss of business contracts and historic bank debts led to cash flow difficulties, reports the

The judge said he was satisfied to make the decision on the basis that the group has a good chance of surviving if it follows a scheme to restructure its bank debts, pay a dividend to creditors, secure new investment and enter into an open-market lease for its premises.