Girl Scalded By Tea In Burger King Awarded €14,000

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Girl Scalded By Tea In Burger King Awarded €14,000

A nine-year-old girl was awarded €14,000 in damages in the Circuit Civil Court today, after being scalded and scarred by a spilt cup of tea 18 months ago in Burger King Omni Shopping Centre in Santry, Dublin.

Barrister Ivan Daly told the court that on 9 December 2011, Jade Boylan had been scalded when a cup of hot tea was spilled on her left shoulder, after another customer bumped into her tray. She was taken to the Emergency Department of the Children's University Hospital at Temple Street, Dublin, where it was determined that she had suffered a second degree scald. Following the incident, Jade Boylan, aged seven at the time, sued Burger King Ltd through her father, Michael Boylan of Temple Street West in Arbour Hill, Dublin.

Daly told the court today that the fast food retailer, which trades here as OKR Group and has a registered office in Merrion Square, had made a settlement offer of €14000 to the young girl, which Judge Deery approved.