Legalised Cannabis May Be a Boon for McDonald's

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Legalised Cannabis May Be a Boon for McDonald's

The munchies are driving up fast-food sales in states where marijuana is legal.

Cannabis has been shown to increase users' appetite, sending many customers of legalised dispensaries to fast-food chains, according to a new study by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

Forty-three per cent of legal-marijuana users ate at a McDonald’s restaurant in the past four weeks, the survey found. Eighteen per cent ate at Taco Bell, while 17.8 per cent went to Wendy's. Those results were significantly higher than among respondents who hadn’t visited a dispensary.

Some 27,500 people responded to the online survey. Other restaurant chains that saw higher consumption from cannabis users included Burger King, KFC, Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr., according to the study.

Consumer Research Around Cannabis is a Houston-based research firm that tracks the demographics of the marijuana industry. The Green Market Report, meanwhile, focuses on cannabis financial and economic information.

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