McDonald's Launches Self-Service Coffee Kiosks

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McDonald's Launches Self-Service Coffee Kiosks

McDonald's is implementing a new approach at their McCafe's in the US with the testing of a self-serve digital coffee kiosk.

The touchscreen ordering system, which is being trialled in Chicago, will allow customers to modify drink options such as lattes, mochas, cappuccinos with various flavourings and different types of milk. reports that prices will start at $2.99, however there will be no regular filter coffee option available through the kiosk. The idea is modeled after McDonald's 'Create Your Taste' kiosk which allows customers to build their own burgers.

The fast food chain continues to see its sales improve over the past year with the implementation of all-day breakfast, value deals and self-service kiosks.

Coffee is seen as a potential growth area for the company, with McDonald's and Kraft Foods Group having announced last year that they agreed a deal to expand the McCafe brand in the USA.