New £1 million 'New York Style' Café/Bar Opens in Belfast

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New £1 million 'New York Style' Café/Bar Opens in Belfast

A new café and bar has opened on Belfast's Dublin Road as part of a £1 million investment by London based property company the Richland Group.

The Gallery, which is located on the ground floor of the recently constructed apartment complex of the same name, is intended to mirror the industrial chic of New York's meatpacking district and features an open-plan restaurant, bar and art gallery.

According to The Irish News, its kitchen is commanded by award-winning chef Conor Boyle, who has come up with with a diverse menu that is meant to reflect the restaurant's cosmopolitan theme and includes the likes of home-made stacked pancakes, New York inspired breakfasts, tapas, Tuscan fish stew, sea food linguine, falafel burger and a freshly made patisserie selection.