New Restaurant And Cafe Openings Continue in Dublin

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New Restaurant And Cafe Openings Continue in Dublin

July is set to be a busy month for Dublin's food and drink scene with further cafe and restaurant openings already taking place.

According to LovinDublin, CoffeeAngel, which has five locations throughout Dublin, has taken over a four-storey building on Trinity Street, with the aim of turning it into the company's headquarters.

The first floor will be primarily your regular gourmet coffee shop, the second will have a flat screen tv and aimed at those wanting a space for a casual business meeting.

The buildings third floor will have a private room that can be rented out by the hour and the top floor will be used as a training space for staff as well as hosting events for the public in the future.

Dublin welcomes another pizzeria to its streets with the launch of Pallet Pizza. It will take over from Frite Haus on lower Camden Street and will be run by the people behind Camden Kitchen. The menu will serve thin-based pizzas, costing around €14 each, fresh pasta dishes, deep-fried rice balls called Arancini, as well as traditional Italian desserts of tiramisu, panna cotta and gelato.


Conor and Marc Bereen, the brothers behind Coppinger Row, will be opening a new restaurant and bar called Charlotte Quay, in the ground floor of Grand Canal Dock's Millennium Tower. The premises was once home to the Ocean Bar & Restaurant, and is set to re-open later this month, report LovinDublin.

Sova Food Vegan Butcher, which has previously popped up at the Mart Project in Rathmines, has opened up a permanent home on Pleasants Street, off Camden Street. The vegan and vegetarian restaurant will have a capacity of over 40 people and will serve dishes such as tomato tartare, hemp burgers, lentil and aubergine cutlets, and an Irish Vegan Breakfast. The latter will include vegan-friendly sausages, bacon, black rice pudding and scrambled tofu. LovinDublin says Sova also has aims to open its own juice bar within the restaurant over the upcoming weeks.

The so-called demise of Sweeney's on Dame Street has been short-lived as the live music venue and bar will remain open for business after being taken over by new owners. The future of the bar was up in the air after the building had received bids of €4 million euros. A spokesperson for the bar has said “Sweeney's will remain Sweeney's and continue to bring you the most vital live acts, club nights and DJs this country has to offer.”