Starbucks Launches Stout Flavoured Coffee

By Publications Checkout
Starbucks Launches Stout Flavoured Coffee

Starbucks in the US has launched its Dark Barrel Latte, which is designed to taste like stouts and dark beers, such as Guinness. Starbucks says that the new flavour is inspired by the rise in craft beers.

This is the latest experiment for Starbucks, which is well known for releasing seasonal drinks with unusual flavours, some of which are more successful than others.

The Dark Barrel Lattte is topped with cream and contains dark caramel sauce and flavoured syrup to imitate the taste of dark beers. However, Starbucks has pointed out that the coffee does not actually contain any alcohol. The flavour is also available iced or as a Frappucino blended drink.

The coffee is available in Starbucks stores in some US locations on a trial basis and reactions so far have been mixed. Customers purchasing the drink also have the opportunity to give feedback on the new flavour by filling out a survey. Depending on the feedback, Starbucks may decide to offer the drink in more of its stores.