15% Of Consumers To Cut Back On Alcohol In New Year

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15% Of Consumers To Cut Back On Alcohol In New Year

15% of Irish consumers plan to cut back on alcohol in the New Year, with a further 3% planning to give up alcohol completely, according to the latest Consumer Insights survey carried out by Empathy Research.

Breaking these figures down by gender, marginally more males (19%) than females (16%) plan to cut back or give up alcohol in the New Year. The main reasons that consumers are choosing to give up alcohol are for health (65%) and financial reasons (43%), while three in ten people who plan on cutting back or giving up alcohol are doing so 'just to prove they can.'

Elsewhere, the survey also found that half of Irish adults consume alcoholic drinks at least once week, with 59% of males and 44% of females making up this figure.

A further 26% of Irish adults indicated they consume alcohol at least once a month. Almost half (48%) of 18-24 year olds consume alcohol at least once a month, which is significantly higher than all other age groups; 25-34 years (30%), 35-44 years (31%), 45-54 years (19%) and 55+ years (14%).

Meanwhile, on average, Irish alcohol consumers currently spend €21.88 on alcohol per week. Interestingly this increases to €25.78 among male consumers, which is significantly higher than female consumers (€18.20).


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