Aramark Plan To Transform Croke Park Catering Services

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Aramark Plan To Transform Croke Park Catering Services

Aramark Ireland is planning to "transform" the food and beverage service on offer at Croke Park stadium.

In an interview with the Sunday Independent, Aramark Ireland's chief executive Donal O'Brien revealed that the company aims to increase the number of bars and food outlets available at the GAA headquarters by between 30% and 40% over the next year and a half. 

Earlier this year, Aramark won the contract to provide catering services at Croke Park in a deal worth over €9 million a year, for seven years.

"We are investing a lot in new systems, which will help us analyse the needs and wants of the fans when they arrive in Croke Park," O'Brien told the Sunday Independent.

"We want to improve the fan experience and ensure that the fans are getting a more comprehensive and efficient service no matter where they are in the stadium – whether they are coming in as a schoolboy into the terraces down on the Canal End or they're in a corporate block."


"One of the big problems on an All-Ireland final day or a concert is that you have 82,000 people there and everyone wants to get served in 15 or 20 minutes," said O'Brien. "You can just imagine the numbers of staff that you need to facilitate that. We want to automate as much as we can and make everything as cashless as we can," he told the newspaper.

"We have been asked to tender for some European contracts with some very big brand names," O'Brien added.