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Frozen Fruit Specialities & Purées

Published on Feb 14 2013 3:08 PM in Technology tagged: Catex

Frozen Fruit Specialities & Purées

Les vergers Boiron are bringing exciting new products to this year’s Catex event. Although fresh produce may be the ideal, these are costly, take time to prepare, involve wastage, and can sometimes ha...

Les vergers Boiron are bringing exciting new products to this year’s Catex event. Although fresh produce may be the ideal, these are costly, take time to prepare, involve wastage, and can sometimes harbour unpleasant surprises. Hence the growing demand for excellent frozen alternatives. To help you rapidly put together high quality preparations at a reasonable cost, Les vergers Boiron has developed a range of 100 per cent natural frozen products, ready to use, so that you can incorporate them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether purees, coulis or in pieces, Les verges Boiron products offer a host of advantages and are available to complement your skills all year round. Now the company has launched three new 100 per cent taste and 100 per cent reliable products dedicated to pastry chefs, chocolate and ice-cream makers. These new products offer tremendous creative potential to make successful recipes every time. The innovations, to be available soon from partner-distributors, are the ‘Grated Coconut Specialty’, ‘100 per cent ‘Dark Red Rum Puree’ and ‘100 per cent Bergamot Puree’. The Grated Coconut Specialty offers a new way to enjoy a subtle and exotic fruit. All the velvety smoothness and intensity of the fruit is enhanced by warm vanilla and caramelised notes provided by finely toasted grated coconut. 100 per cent Dark Red Plum Puree offers the taste of a fresh, old-world, authentic and straightforward fruit. Its taste is both zesty and sweet. It has an intense colour and generous texture. This innovation is a dependable development at the heart of current trends and leaves total freedom for incredible gourmet recipes. 100 per cent Bergamot Puree offers an amazing aromatic richness, typical of fresh fruit. Without added sugar, intensely textured and coloured, this innovation has a touch of acidity sought after by professionals and allows an infinite variety of recipes.  The Secret of Flawless Quality?All the passion for taste and know-how of Les vergers Boiron goes back 40 years. The fruits are selected and picked ripe then assembled and transformed at the Valence plant according to specific processes to guarantee their typical flavours. The results in organoleptic qualities, physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics all being guaranteed. The products are flavour-, colouring-, thickening- and preservative-free. The advantages of such a process are numerous. First off, the obvious time and money savings. Les vergers Boiron products are a 100 per cent taste and 100 per cent safe quality alternative to fresh fruit. No more peeling, washing, mixing and wasted raw materials: professionals save labour time and control their costs. Also, the consistency comes in valuable when looking at a year-long operation, The Les vergers Boiron assembly procedure ensures that products are available all year round. Their texture, colour and taste are consistent, a real advantage for food professionals who can confidently reproduce their recipes. Lastly, such products are very easy to use. The products are ready to use, packaged in 1kg trays. They can be unmoulded, dosed and poured out easily without any wastage. They are used and stored exactly like fresh fruit after defrosting.The Boiron family, originally from the Ardèche region of France, started as a fruit trading company. A few years later, business took off and the Boiron Frères company rapidly developed. Then under Pierre Boiron, the founder's son, they launched a major innovation. Dessert and pastry chefs were looking for practical and consistent use of products all year round, so Les vergers Boiron created a fruit processing activity - heat-treated specifically to each fruit, then deep frozen – which is the best technique, even today, to keep flavour, texture and freshness of the fruit intact. Professionals enthusiastically welcomed these ready-to-use fruit puree. To satisfy their needs and set themselves apart from competitors arriving on this new market, Pierre Boiron developed new fruit references – red fruit, exotic fruit – as well as innovative packaging such as the thermo-formed tray or bottle with pourer. To this day, such a level of innovation has remained at Les vergers Boiron, offering food

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