New Startup Is Renting Out Space In Dublin's Bars And Restaurants

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New Startup Is Renting Out Space In Dublin's Bars And Restaurants

A new Irish startup called 'Fillit' has launched with the aim of renting out temporary space in a variety of venues, such as Brother Hubbard, Copper Face Jacks, Indigo & Cloth cafe on a short-term basis, as well as using venues that may otherwise lie empty.

It allows people to rent out space to hold meetings, birthdays, events, a photoshoot, as an office, for pop-ups or as retail space.

Speaking to about how people can use the space chief executive John Carroll said: "We don’t define what the space on the site could be used for, we leave that up to the market."

Restaurants currently using Fillit include the Pigeon House in Clontarf, which costs €250 per day, and The Woolen Mills, that rents its roof terrace for €500 per day. Fillit cuts out the middle man in transactions by putting renters and listed in direct contact, and the company reportedly takes a five per cent cut from the owner of the space and 10 per cent from those renting.

Although Fillit is primarily concentrating on the Dublin area for the time being, venues for rent have already appeared in Cork, Galway, Drogheda, Athlone, Limerick and Carroll says he has plans to rent out spaces in Waterford and Clare in the future.