New Virtual-Reality Platform For Irish Restaurants

By Robert McHugh
New Virtual-Reality Platform For Irish Restaurants

Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet has launched a customer service upskilling solution that incorporates virtual reality (VR).

VR Resolve will allow participants to step into ‘realistic’ scenarios and work through various customer complaints that could occur in a restaurant setting.

The program allows participants to practise responding to complaints, make decisions, and see the direct consequences of their actions in a ‘risk-free’ virtual setting.

‘Immersive And Effective’

“We are thrilled to introduce VR Resolve, which marks a transformative leap forward in customer service training, providing hospitality professionals with an immersive and effective tool to master the art of addressing customer complaints with finesse and empathy,” said Niamh O’Malley, Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet network manager.

“VR Resolve is a game-changer for the hospitality industry.”


Training Programmes

Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet is one of 70 Skillnet Ireland business networks nationwide.

Skillnet Ireland is the national talent development agency of the government of Ireland, responsible for advancing the competitiveness, productivity and innovation of Irish businesses through enterprise-led talent development.

In 2022, Skillnet Ireland delivered upskilling and training programmes worth €70.2 million to almost 25,000 businesses and over 92,000 workers through its 70 business networks, across most sectors and all regions in Ireland.

‘Empowers Staff’

“VR Resolve is a prime example of the Skillnet Ireland mission in action,” said Michelle Guthrie, Skillnet Ireland development advisor.

“By providing a safe space for learning and honing skills, this programme empowers staff to exceed guest expectations.”


E-Learning Programmes

In September, Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet launched two new online training programmes, designed to help hospitality businesses become more efficient and profitable.

The e-learning programmes were developed alongside industry expert Agility Hospitality, to give restaurant and hospitality managers and supervisors the opportunity to upskill digitally.