Pizza Vending Machines Launched In America

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Pizza Vending Machines Launched In America

The latest technological breakthrough to hit the food world is the launch of '24/7 Pizza Box', a pizza vending machine.

There has been a growing use of technology in fast food restaurants to keep up with millenials, who are growing accustomed to using apps and online services for their food needs.

For example, McDonald's have been using tablets for self-serve digital coffee, build your own burger kiosks, as well as touchscreen ordering systems.

The idea behind '24/7 Pizza Box' is that it works with restaurants and pizzerias, who make them fresh in their kitchens. They are then transported to the boxes in coolers and refrigerated according to Bloomberg.

Customers can order slices of pizza via a 32 inch touchscreen which are then reheated for two minutes by a conveyor oven inside of the box. The pizza boxes have been eloquently described as “automated restaurants” and not vending machines by business owners.

Each Pizza Box costs $29,000 and is able to hold 108 slices.