Tourism Business Owners Urged to Embrace Technology

By Steve Wynne-Jones
Tourism Business Owners Urged to Embrace Technology

Employment in tourism sector in Ireland can continue to thrive in Ireland despite the challenges technology presents to the sector.

This was the message that Professor Jim Deegan, head of the department of economics at University of Limerick, had for business owners at the annual workshop organised by the National Centre for Tourism Studies at Dromoland Castle, Co Clare.

Jobs in the industry will be affected by new advances such as booking services that are 100 per cent self-service, as well as the increased use of technology and robotics on-site in hotels and other hospitality businesses.

According to the Irish Times, Prof. Deegan cited the example of Starwood Hotels using 'robot butlers' for automated room service (pictured). He said that while there would be job losses, the Government can respond by creating employment in other areas of tourism.

“There will be some job losses and jobs will be different in tourism in the future, but if the industry and Government respond to challenges and opportunities, the future tourism labour market can be very buoyant by offering a variety of well-paid jobs and careers,” he said.