VIDEO: Check Out The Future Of Restaurant Menus

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VIDEO: Check Out The Future Of Restaurant Menus

Ever wondered what a dish listed on the menu looks like before you order?

Kabaq, a New York-based technology startup, claims that it changing the future of food ordering with an augmented reality (AR) app that enables users to view virtual 3D food.

Kabaq has recruited a number of restaurants in its home city and is working on a 3D scanner for restaurants, reports, which added that compared to traditional menus, diners using Kabaq can experience an interactive 360-view of each dish, see correct portion size, visualise ingredients, and be presented with complimentary food items.

"My partner, Caner Soyer, and I were working on an augmented reality real-estate platform with our first startup," revealed Alper Guler, co-founder of Kabaq.


"During that time, Caner posted a picture on Facebook and told me that he used photogrammetry to create the realistic (although it didn’t look too realistic back then) 3D model. The same day, DJ Smith, founder of the New York Virtual Reality meetup group, called and asked if we had any AR/VR work related to restaurants for New York Food Loves Tech event. We prepared and presented an initial demo of Kabaq at the event," he added. 

Kabaq uses scanning technologies to create the 3D models, which can also be used as visuals for websites, on social media, marketing materials and in the Kabaq augmented reality app.