Ireland’s Paranormal Activity Hot Spots Revealed

By Dave Simpson
Ireland’s Paranormal Activity Hot Spots Revealed

With Halloween drawing closer, a new study has revealed the Irish locations with the highest chances of paranormal activity.


Analysing the paranormal database, representatives of Irish online casino Slotbox.com were able to uncover the areas with the highest number of paranormal sightings, including poltergeists, UFOs, and unexplainable occurrences.

The Slotbox.com representatives then calculated the chances of seeing this activity in each location, using population data.

The findings are as follows.

The Most Haunted Hot Spots In Ireland 

County Paranormal Occurrences Location
County Cork 132 Republic
County Dublin 83 Republic
County Antrim 64 Northern Ireland
County Clare 58 Republic
County Kerry 33 Republic
County Donegal 30 Republic
County Galway 30 Republic
County Laois 22 Republic
County Limerick 22 Republic
County Wexford 22 Republic
County Westmeath 21 Republic
County Tipperary 20 Republic
County Kildare 19 Republic
County Louth 19 Republic
County Tyrone 19 Northern Ireland
County Down 18 Northern Ireland
County Mayo 16 Republic
County Cavan 15 Republic
County Waterford 15 Republic
County Wicklow 15 Republic
County Armagh 14 Northern Ireland
County Carlow 13 Republic
County Kilkenny 13 Republic
County Meath 13 Republic
County Derry/Londonderry 12 Northern Ireland
County Leitrim 9 Republic
County Fermanagh 8 Northern Ireland
County Monaghan 8 Republic
County Longford 7 Republic
County Offaly 7 Republic
County Roscommon 6 Republic
County Sligo 5 Republic

Co. Cork takes the top spot as the Irish location with the highest number of paranormal sightings, with 132 reported incidents overall. From a leprechaun’s shoe reportedly found in a field in Ardrah to a poltergeist in the Cobh Heritage Centre, there have been some strange reported incidents in Co. Cork.


Co. Dublin is next on the list, with 83 reports of unusual activity. The Clontarf Castle Hotel has had reports of shuffling feet and footsteps from a guest, while Deey Bridge and its canal lock – technically in Collinstown, Co. Kildare – have had reports of ‘screams of the drowning’ where a passenger boat sunk in the eighteenth century.

Co. Antrim is the third-spookiest location on the island of Ireland, with the most sightings in Northern Ireland overall, with 64 reports.

Meanwhile, in Co. Sligo, there have only ever been five recorded reports of paranormal activity. Co. Roscommon and Co. Offaly are also almost free from the supernatural, with fewer than ten reports overall.

Statement By Slotbox.com Spokesperson

A spokesperson from Slotbox.com said, “Ireland has a lot of spooky history, and with Halloween on the way, it’s incredible to see how many paranormal sightings have been reported. As Co. Cork takes the top spot for the location with the most sightings, it’s fascinating to uncover the historical stories connected to this location. From the legend of ‘the faceless lady’ at Belvelly Castle to the numerous tales derived from Cork District Asylum, it’s no surprise to see it in first place.”

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