Flora: Powered by Plants

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Flora: Powered by Plants

Flora is powered by plants and is on a mission to spread the word with consumers and caterers. As part of a full relaunch, Flora has highlighted that 100% of its oils come from plants, both on-pack and via a new media campaign.

Rhodri Morgan, Flora marketing manager for Unilever Food Solutions said: “Consumers generally know that butter is made by churning milk but they’re less clear on how spreads are made. We want to make sure that everyone is aware that Flora is a plant-based spread made with simple ingredients.”

Flora Original contains 78% less saturated fat than butter and is free from artificial colours and flavours. Its nutritious seed and plant oils include sunflower, linseed and rapeseed, which are blended with buttermilk to create the sunny taste and goodness* that consumers know and love.

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