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Irish Restaurants Feeling Pressure Of Rising Butter Costs

Published on Aug 15 2017 11:28 AM in Restaurant tagged: Europe / Butter / Restaurants Association of Ireland / RAI / Adrian Cummins

Irish Restaurants Feeling Pressure Of Rising Butter Costs

Irish restaurants are reportedly coming under increasing financial pressure due to record high butter prices, caused by a worldwide rise in the demand for dairy fats.

According to The Irish Independent, the surge in butter costs can be partially attributed to the soaring temperatures currently sweeping across Europe, which are boosting ice-cream sales, as well as a decline in milk production.

Restaurants Association of Ireland CEO Adrian Cummins commented, "Businesses have been complaining about the increase. Butter isn't going to break the bank, but businesses have to be conscious of their overheads. This is an additional cost and another obstacle to face, and an increase in the price of a product inevitably means an increase in price for consumers."

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