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Dublin Airport's Terminal 3 Moves A Step Closer

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Dublin Airport's Terminal 3 Moves A Step Closer

A third terminal for Dublin Airport is likely to get the green light after a new study is expected to recommend the timeframe for its development and its appropriate design and ideal location.

Ireland's Department of Transport Tourism and Sport published a request for tenders (RFT) for 'A Review of Future Capacity Needs at Ireland’s State Airports'. They will be asked to assess the relative advantages and disadvantages of the funding and operation of Terminal 3 by the existing airport operator in comparison to being operated on an independent basis.

The study also concerns the long-term development of Ireland’s state airports to 2050. RFT tenderers will be required to analyse the capacity requirements of Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports to meet forecasted passenger throughput to 2050 and to identify priorities for infrastructure provision.

Minister Shane Ross said: "As an island, airports are vital to Ireland; we depend on air travel and aviation for our links with the rest of the world, both socially and economically. Aviation supports our trading relationships and employs tens of thousands. Tourism, our largest indigenous industry, employing over 200,000 people, relies heavily on air travel. In 2015 we welcomed over 8.6 million overseas visitors, most of whom will have arrived in Ireland through Dublin, Cork or Shannon airports.

"Irish airports, and Dublin Airport in particular, are experiencing a strong return to growth and we need to have a clear and coherent vision for the future. To ensure that our airports are prepared for the longer term, I have asked that this review consider the development of the three state airports to 2050. Consultants will also be asked to identify and prioritise new infrastructure which will be required in the coming years."