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Four US States Named Ireland The Most Desirable Holiday Destination in 2022

By Dave Simpson
Four US States Named Ireland The Most Desirable Holiday Destination in 2022

The United States is a big country with a lot to see, but in which overseas destinations are Americans seeking to experience a different culture?

Employees at have analysed search data using Google Keyword Planner around the searches for flights to reveal the most popular international and domestic travel destinations to which Americans are choosing to travel.


The data for Ireland found that nine states ranked Ireland in their top three travel destinations in 2022, with Nebraska, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire naming it their number-one destination, having made the most searches for the country in 2022.

Flight searches
States Passports issued in 2022 1st 2nd 3rd
Iowa 83157 Japan Greece Ireland
Massachusetts 326208 Italy Greece Ireland
Nebraska 59713 Ireland Japan Australia
Rhode Island 43533 Italy Greece Ireland
Vermont 16537 Ireland Italy Greece
West Virginia 19898 Greece Ireland Italy
Maine 34213 Ireland Italy Greece
New Hampshire 43952 Ireland Italy Greece
South Dakota 23467 Australia Greece Ireland

Most Popular International Destinations To Which Americans Are Travelling

Rank Most Popular International Flight Searches in 2022
 Joint 1st  Japan
 Joint 1st  Mexico
 3rd  Italy
 4th  Greece
 5th  India

Countries Ranked Number One In Each State

Countries Number-one rankings across each state
 Japan  18
 Italy  18
 Greece  8
 Ireland  4
 India  1
 Australia  1

Most Popular Flight Searches Across The US

Rank Most Popular Domestic Flight Searches in 2022
 Joint 1st  Michigan
 Joint 1st  Hawaii
 3rd  New York
 4th  Florida
 5th  Pennsylvania

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