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Irish Tourist Attractions In Need Of Upgrades, Say Industry Staff

By Dave Simpson
Irish Tourist Attractions In Need Of Upgrades, Say Industry Staff

Speaking to the Irish Independent, hospitality industry employees have claimed that despite a boom in Ireland's tourism trade, a number of the country's most popular attractions are "stuck in the nineteenth century".

There chief issues are due a lack of investment in technology, an absence of coach parking spaces, and a shortage of restroom facilities, among other issues.

A staff member from the Office of Public Works, who works at an undisclosed well-known tourist site, told the paper, "You've to tell tourists travelling from all over the world to our site that they can't book online, that they've to pay cash at the desk. Loads of sites don't have credit cards."

The same employee stated: "There is a culture of just maintaining the status quo, don't change anything, don't invest, don't move forward, don't engage with technology, don't do anything controversial…The social media is atrocious…They're stuck in the nineteenth century."

In response to the employee's assertions, a spokesperson for the Office of Public Works Heritage Services commented that at the tourist sites which don't have credit card facilities, visitor numbers "are so low, it is difficult to justify the costs associated with the provision of credit card facilities."


The spokesperson added, "However, the OPW is expanding the number of sites which will offer such facilities…Sites will be prioritised based on visitor numbers and rurality."

Dún Aonghasa, Swiss Cottage and Cahir Castle were among the sites listed as having credit card facilities in active development.