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Michael O'Leary Plans To Revolutionise Flying With Ryanair Programme

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Michael O'Leary Plans To Revolutionise Flying With Ryanair Programme

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary has plans to reduce the cost of flying even more by promoting customers to sign up for its MyRyanair programme when making a booking.

The programme currently has over 11 million subscribers but O'Leary plans to make it mandatory for all passengers by the middle of next year.

The service was launched in 2014 with the aim of personalising offers and deals, set travel preferences, easily save customers passport and booking details as well as speeding up the booking process, which it currently does by up to 20%, reports the Irish Independent.

Discussing the merits of the programme, O'Leary said: "If you flew five times with us last year, you'll get an even bigger incentive to fly with us six times this year. We'll also know if you like to park your car at the airport, and we can give you a one-click discount on the car-parking. You order your coffee on board, you click and it's all done. No payments onboard the aircraft. We're going to transform the whole travel journey."

He also predicted that Ryanair will double the amount of passengers it carries over the next eight years to 200 million, although he claims that this will be a "smaller part of the business" and that the majority of the airline's money will be made through the MyRyanair Programme by selling add-on services reports

Despite the fact that Ryanair "will have all your data, we will know everything about you, who you’re travelling with, where you’re going, mistress, wife, whatever," the company has said it wont sell on customers personal information to third parties.