Adare Manor Pulls Off PR Coup With Lost Bunny

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Adare Manor Pulls Off PR Coup With Lost Bunny

Five-star Adare Manor Hotel in Co. Limerick scored an unlikely global PR success this week after the hotel reunited a lost toy bunny with its three-year-old owner.

Adare Manor took to social media on 2 January to post a photograph of the lost bunny on Facebook with the caption, "I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor."

The rescue plea received such a huge response, with thousands of people from around the world 'liking' the story on Facebook, that Adare Manor decided to show the bunny's journey and its stay at the hotel.

Adare Manor has been posting updates with photos showing the bunny relaxing by the pool, enjoying a massage and enjoying afternoon tea.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending after of the young girl's family got in touch with the Adare Manor and the little girl picked up her lost bunny on Monday.



(* Photos courtesy of Adare Manor Facebook page)