Dublin Hotel Prices Down For Third Straight Month

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Dublin Hotel Prices Down For Third Straight Month

The prices of hotel rooms in Dublin continue to slide as prices across Ireland showed a marginal increase, according to trivago.ie.

Prices in the capital in December decreased by 9% compared to November, with the average hotel room costing €132 in this month, compared to €145 last month. However despite this, prices are up 23% year-on-year, compared to €107 in December 2014.

Meanwhile, prices across Ireland have increased by one per cent this month. The largest month-on-month increases were found in Athlone (€87, up 14% from €82 in November), Limerick (€92, up 12% from €82 in November) and Galway (€95, up 10% from €86 in November).

Elsewhere, Dingle witnessed the largest month-on-month decrease in December, with prices down to €94, which is 21% lower than in November when the average room cost €119.


The cost of an average double room in Dublin in 2015 was €144, a 22% increase on 2014, when the average price was €118. This was the third-highest increase of trivago’s top 50 European destinations over the same period.

Hotel prices have continued to fall across Europe this month. Based on the 50 most popular European cities on trivago, hotel prices have dropped by an average of 4% in comparison to last month. One night in December will cost an average of €115, compared to €120 in November.

The biggest decreases compared to November 2015 are found in Milan (€132, down -30% from €188 in November), Valencia (€74, down -24% from €97 in November) and Geneva (€229, down -14% from €265 in November).

Meanwhile, the largest month-on-month increase is in Prague, with prices up to €104, which is 27% higher than in November when the average room cost €82. Other cities with significant price increases include Dresden (€106, up 23% from €86 in November), and Vienna (€131, up 12% from €117 in November).