Nine Out Of Ten Irish Hoteliers See Increase In Business In Last 12 Months

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Nine Out Of Ten Irish Hoteliers See Increase In Business In Last 12 Months

Hoteliers have reported a very strong 2016 performance, with 91 per cent experiencing an increase in business, 41 per cent saying they will hire more staff, and 89 per cent planning to invest in refurbishment this year, according to the Irish Hotel Federation's (IHF) Q4 2016 barometer.

However, the IHF's Q4 2016 barometer revealed that 92 per cent of hoteliers are concerned about the impact the Brexit will have on their business in 2017, with 18 per cent already reporting a fall in forward bookings from Northern Ireland, while almost 30 per cent are seeing a drop in bookings from the UK. Despite Brexit worries, 66 per cent of hoteliers stated that they will increase spend on marketing in 2017.

"It is heartening that our members are seeing growth on the ground from US, German and French visitors. There are good reasons to be optimistic about our key North America and European markets in the coming year as well. However, there are signs that growth is slowing out of the UK market. While it is too early to say what the effect of Brexit will be, the uncertainty and the fall in the value of Sterling will pose challenges.

"Many of the consequences are largely outside our control, so it is imperative that we mitigate the risks and potential damage where possible. This is a key task for us in the coming years as we work to deliver sustainable, long-term growth. We must be mindful too that our national tourism marketing strategies encourage overseas tourists to travel beyond the key urban centres and traditional ‘hot spots’ so that we can extend tourism success in every part of the country," said Joe Dolan, president of the IHF.