'Vital Piece' Of €16m Dromoland Castle Refurbishment Gets Approved

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'Vital Piece' Of €16m Dromoland Castle Refurbishment Gets Approved

An Bord Pleanála has granted Dromoland Castle (pictured) planning permission to a "vital piece" of its €16 million refurbishment after an appeal was lodged that the work would cause the "sterilisation" of adjoining farmland.

The five-star hotel in Co Clare was seeking the development of a new potable water source and ancillary infrastructure, however an appeal was lodged by The Lord Inchiauin, aka Conor O' Brien, reports the Irish Examiner. "The decommissioning of the existing water supply will lead to stagnation of millions of gallons of water therefore leading to a public health hazard" and that the work "will lead to the sterilisation of additional farmland due to the restriction on use of slurry and fertilizers, therefore causing economic decline and devaluing the adjoining estate," according to the appeal.

Dromoland Castle argued that "the submitted proposal complies with the requirements of the development plan policies relating to water supply". An Bord Pleanála ruled that it "[does] not consider the proposed development would have any negative impact on the residential amenity".

Mark Nolan, general manager at Dromoland Castle commented: "We are delighted with the decision. It is a vital piece of the major refurbishment going on here right now […] We believe the €16m being spent is money well spent," adding that it will restore the hotel "to its former glory" and that business this year was "very promising".