'Wire' Star And Family To Open Glin Castle As Boutique Hotel

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'Wire' Star And Family To Open Glin Castle As Boutique Hotel

Actor Dominic West, made famous for his role as McNulty in HBO series The Wire, and his wife Catherine Fitzgerald are reported to be ready to open the doors of the historic Glin Castle in Limerick as a boutique hotel next year.

A proposed €6.5 million sale of Glin Castle, which has been home to the Fitzgerald family for 700 years, will not now go ahead, according to West (pictured) and Fitzgerald, who will manage the hotel, as reported by the Irish Independent.

The Fitzgerald family were originally forced to consider selling the castle due to problems maintaining the 20,000 square feet property, which also has 380 acres of parkland and a commercial dairy farm.

It was hoped that the State and institutions such as the University of Limerick might step in and take over the running of the property, however nothing came about, resulting in Glin Castle being put on the market.

However, speaking to the Irish Independent, West said: "Selling up was absolutely heartbreaking for all of us, especially my mother-in-law and my wife, and luckily we're reopening it as a hotel, all going well, some time next year.

"I'm going to manage it. I want to be in charge, or as much as my schedule will allow. Obviously, there will be someone in place far more experienced and qualified than I coping with the day-to-day. But we want to be there. We're going to be heavily involved. That's why we're moving home to Ireland."