Coffee A Vital Factor To Ensure Returning Costumers

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Coffee A Vital Factor To Ensure Returning Costumers

The quality of coffee in pubs is shown to impact significantly on customers retention. OnePoll survey shows the lastest research of 2,000 respondents on behalf of United Coffee. 33% of consumers in Ireland and the UK say poor quality coffee in a pub is a fair reason not to return.

The results also show that diners are opting for a cup of coffee to end a meal instead of dessert. 8 out of 10 consumers nowadays would rather a coffee rather than dessert when eating out with more than a quarter (27%) regularly choosing coffee over the dessert option on the menu.

Latte is the the most favoured type of coffee (favoured by 32%) followed by Cappuccino (25%) with Americano increasing in popularity (18%).

The type of outlet people dine in also affects the type of coffee they choose – filter coffee is a popular choice when drinking in pubs, branded restaurants and fast-food outlets but when eating in a fine dining setting an espresso is the preferred choice.