'Support Your Local' Campaign Condemns Potential Alcohol Excise Increase

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'Support Your Local' Campaign Condemns Potential Alcohol Excise Increase

Support Your Local, a campaign which works to highlight the financial and social contributions made by the Irish drinks and hospitality industry, has spoken out in response to commentary in the media suggesting the government might increase excise on alcohol in the upcoming budget.

The campaign group has criticised the suggestions made, pointing out that the Irish consumer is already subject to some of the highest drinks taxes in Europe.

Under current legislation, 31% of the price of a pint is due to tax (VAT and excise), as is 68% of a bottle of spirits and 64% of a bottle of wine.

Speaking on behalf of the Support Your Local campaign, Padraig Cribben, CEO of the Vintners Federation Ireland stated, “The notion of a €1.50 increase in the pint or an increase in excise duty on spirits by €1 per half-glass is a ludicrous proposition. The drinks industry, and pubs in particular, support employment in towns and communities all over Ireland. We should be looking for a decrease in Ireland’s punitive excise rates as opposed to flying kites about job killing taxes.”

Support Your Local maintains that any excise increases would be detrimental to the Irish drinks and hospitality industry and the 204,000 jobs it supports. The campaign instead is urging the Government to reduce excise by 15% in next October’s Budget, citing such reductions as one means for compensating for any potential negative effects of Brexit.

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