Deliveroo Launches Kitchen Space For Restaurants

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Deliveroo Launches Kitchen Space For Restaurants

Premium food delivery service Deliveroo has begun investing in its own kitchen space for its restaurant partners in an effort to deal with supply-side problems and expand its offering, reports TechCrunch.

The new initiative is called Roobox and has already been launched in London, with popular eateries such as Tommi's Burger Joint and Yoobi Sushi already getting their own fully equipped Roobox kitchen.

Will Shu, the Deliveroo co-founder, said the idea behind Roobox is to allow them to expand into more locations within a city, for example London, without sacrificing their local delivery zones and times.

The report adds that future Roobox locations will target large residential populations that are being underserved by the number of available restaurants. Depending on the success of Roobox, the kitchen spaces could potentially be much bigger and end up housing multiple restaurant brands in each one.