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Callebaut ‘Finest Belgian Chocolate’ Goes Sustainable

Published on Oct 5 2012 11:42 AM in Technology

Callebaut ‘Finest Belgian Chocolate’ Goes Sustainable

Callebaut has announced that it has taken an important step into the future by launching its ‘Growing Great Chocolate’ project that shifts the entire production of its ‘Finest Belgian Chocolate’ to sustainable cocoa. Through ‘Growing Great Chocolate,’ Callebaut actively supports farmer cooperatives in learning about and adopting innovative and modern agricultural practices, which are offered through farmer training programs in the field. Thus, Callebaut is able to ensure sustainable cocoa cultivation and helps to raise farmer’s livelihoods. Moreover, Callebaut also strives to improve the overall quality of life of the cocoa farmers and their families by offering them improved access to health care and education.Callebaut highlights the three most important characteristics of its chocolate, namely the use of sustainably grown cocoa, great taste and great workability, and invites chocolate artisans around the world to explore the exciting story from bean to chocolate behind the ‘Finest Belgian Chocolate’ they use. “For Callebaut that thrilling story starts right at the bean”, says Robert Harrison Gourmet Business Manager. “With ‘Growing Great Chocolate’ we share with our customers the fascinating story behind our products. And we guarantee them that each bean used for producing this chocolate, comes from a sustainable cultivation.” Through different tools such as booklets, posters, labels and a special app for personalized advertising, Callebaut customers can communicate their choice of sustainable chocolate to their clients. More information on these tools and the campaign can be found on

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