Lidl UK Hires Michelin-Starred Chef

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Lidl UK Hires Michelin-Starred Chef

German discounter Lidl has redoubled their efforts to attract middle-class shoppers by signing Michelin-starred chef Kevin Love to be involved with creating its premium range.

Love, who spent three years as the head chef in Heston Blumenthal’s The Hinds Head in Bray, Berkshire, will become the supermarket's first ever chef-in-residence by signing a three year deal, according to Retail Week.

Love has already created the new Easter range, which through its ad campaign Lidl will drive home the message of quality, in a bid to lure customers away from the Big Four supermarkets in the UK.

As well as creating new ranges, Love will also source ingredients for Lidl's own range products, appear in online advertising, in-store magazines and social media.

Love was a store manager for Lidl before leaving to become a chef. He returns in a role similar to Jamie Oliver with Sainbury's or Neil Nugent with Morrisons.


Lidl head of marketing and advertising Arnd Pickhardt said that the collaboration “will go far beyond the usual chef endorsement or product range”.

“Chef Love has joined the Lidl family full-time and will devote himself entirely to guiding the brand and customers on a journey of culinary discovery. As the partnership matures, so will Kevin’s role at Lidl.”