Deliveroo Reveals Ireland’s Top 10 Dishes Of 2022

By Dave Simpson
Deliveroo Reveals Ireland’s Top 10 Dishes Of 2022

Deliveroo has revealed its annual Deliveroo 100 report, a list of the top trending dishes ordered on the platform from across the world.


Across the island of Ireland, home-grown restaurants came out on top, with 30 of the most popular dishes all coming from indigenous Irish businesses, rather than global fast-food chains. From spice bags to gyros, the Irish embraced cuisines from all corners of the world, with the burrito topping the list.

  1. Burrito Bowl from Boojum, Cork
  2. Chicken Gyros from Yeeros, Dublin
  3. House Bao Buns from Bao Bun, Belfast
  4. Burrito from Tolteca, Dublin
  5. Spice Bag from Xian Street Food, Galway
  6. Kerala Coconut from Kerala Kitchen, Dublin
  7. Wow Cheeseburger from Wowburger, Limerick
  8. Cheeseburger from Bunsen, Dublin
  9. Seed Caesar from Seed, Belfast
  10. Tenders With 2 Dips from Mad Egg, Dublin

Around The World

Here’s a taster of this year’s top ten trending dishes on Deliveroo around the world:

  1. Pita Chawarma from Poulet Mezzencore, Paris, France
  2. Burrito from Chipotle, London, UK
  3. Schiacciata Favolosa (traditional Florentine sandwich) from All’Antico Vinaio, Firenze, Italy
  4. Chicken Sando from Pickl, Dubai, UAE
  5. Make-Your-Own Poke Bowl from Surfside Poké, Liege, Belgium
  6. Pad Thai from Ting Thai Caravan, Edinburgh, UK
  7. Mixian with 1 Topping 米線+一餸  from Tamjai Yunnan Mixian 譚仔雲南米線, Hong Kong
  8. Fish Burger from MOS Burger, Singapore
  9. Iced Café Americano from Starbucks, Kuwait
  10. Burrito Bowl from Boojum, Cork, Ireland

Last year, Hawaiian poke bowls dominated the Deliveroo 100 list, reaching the number-one spot in six different countries, however, in 2022, customers have been branching out with their eating habits, making for a varied trending-dishes hotlist.

Burritos have reached the top spot in three markets, including Ireland, and whether in a wrap or a bowl, they make up 5% of the 100 global trending dishes. Pizza makes up 4% of the global 100, and people around the world are keeping it traditional, with all four pizzas being the classic margherita. Nonetheless, a firm favourite in the Deliveroo 100 throughout the years is the burger, which has remained the top choice for food delivery around the world, making up nearly a quarter (24%) of the global 100 list.


Whether fried, grilled, rolled into a wrap or between two buns, it’s clear that people love chicken, with poultry-based dishes filling nearly a quarter (23%) of all the spots in this year’s Deliveroo 100. Favourites include the number-one dish, the Pita Chawarma Poulet (shawarma kebab) from Mezzencore, Paris, France; the spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes, London, UK; and pollo allo spiedo (roast chicken) from Giannasi dal 1967, Milan, Italy.

Some countries around the world are keeping it traditional, with some favourite national dishes making it to the list, including the pain au chocolat from Chez Meunier, Paris, France; the spice bag from Xian Street Food, Galway, Ireland; pizza margherita from Assaje, Milan, Italy; and Men Wah BBQ pork with egg and rice, from Men Wah Bing Teng, Hong Kong.

Classic comfort foods – pizza, burgers, burritos and kebabs – fill 34 of the spots in this year’s Deliveroo 100, with favourites including the Chicken Sando from Pickl, Dubai, UAE; the ShackBurger from Shake Shack, Kuwait; the burrito from Chipotle, London, UK; and the Double-Mushroom Swiss Meal from Burger King, Singapore.

It looks like the froyo fad is still very relevant. Five sweet dishes have made it onto this year’s Deliveroo 100 list, two of which are frozen yoghurts: the small cup (with topping) from PICK, Kuwait, and the original frozen yog(h)urt from Snog, London, UK.

Customers around the world are ditching the knife, fork and spoon for a more hands-on experience. Some 60.6% of the 94 dishes on the global Deliveroo 100 list (excluding drinks and grocery items) are foods that people tend to eat with their hands, such as schiacciata favolosa (a traditional Florentine sandwich) from All’Antico Vinaio, Firenze, Italy; the chicken wings from PizzaExpress, Hong Kong; and the baked BBQ pork buns from Tim Ho Wan, Singapore – meaning that customers around the world are choosing to have a cutlery-free experience when ordering a Deliveroo.

The full list of Deliveroo’s 100 top trending dishes ordered around the world in 2022 is as follows:

  1. Pita Chawarma Poulet   Mezzencore      Paris     France
  2. Burrito  Chipotle            London UK
  3. Schiacciata Favolosa (Sandwich)           All’Antico Vinaio Firenze            Italy
  4. Chicken Sando         Pickl   Dubai    UAE
  5. Make-Your-Own Poke Bowl        Surfside Poké   Liege    Belgium
  6. Pad Thai           Ting Thai Caravan         Edinburgh         UK
  7. Mixian with 1 Topping 米線+一餸            Tamjai Yunnan Mixian 譚仔雲南米線           Hong Kong
  8. Fish Burger       MOS Burger      Singapore         Singapore
  9. Iced Café Americano     Starbucks - Surra          Kuwait  Kuwait
  10. Burrito Bowl      Boojum Cork     Ireland
  11. Cheeseburger   Five Guys         London UK
  12. Build Your Own Salad Bowl        atis       London UK
  13. The Beast         Kokomo            Bordeaux          France
  14. Regular Fried Chicken Strips      Clucking Oinks  York     UK
  15. Pain Au Chocolat           Chez Meunier   Paris     France
  16. Chicken Gyros  Yeeros  Dublin   Ireland
  17. Empire Cheeseburger    Manhattn’s Burgers Boondael     Brussels            Belgium
  18. House Bao Buns           Bao Bun Belfast Belfast Ireland
  19. Burrito Bowl      Guzman Y Gomez         Singapore         Singapore
  20. Sunny Salmon Poke      Poke House      Milano  Italy
  21. Piadina ‘La Leggenda’ (Italian flatbread) La Piadineria     Milano            Italy
  22. Les œufs Mayonnaise ‘Champions du monde’   Bouillon Service            Paris     France
  23. Big Mac® McMenu®     McDonald’s       Liege    Belgium
  24. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich     Popeyes           London UK
  25. Chicken Wings  烤焗雞翼           PizzaExpress    Hong Kong            Hong Kong
  26. McChicken Meal            McDonald’s       Dubai    UAE
  27. Burrito  Tolteca Dublin   Ireland
  28. Noodle Soup 小鍋         Yugu Noodle 雲桂香      Hong Kong            Hong Kong
  29. Pizza Margherita           Berberè Pizzeria            Milano  Italy
  30. The Original Burger       Thinnies Burger Kuwait  Kuwait
  31. Spice Bag         Xian Street Food           Galway             Ireland
  32. Medium Spaghetti Kastart          De Kastart        Ghent   Belgium
  33. Chicken Ala Carte Bowl Stuff’d   Singapore         Singapore
  34. Poké Création   Pokawa Paris     France
  35. Kerala Coconut Kerala Kitchen   Dublin   Ireland
  36. Pollo allo Spiedo (Roast chicken)           Giannasi dal 1967            Milano  Italy
  37.  Black Milk Tea with Pearls 珍珠奶茶      Tenren’s Tea 天仁茗茶            Hong Kong
  38. Vios BYO Bowl VIOS    Singapore         Singapore
  39. #1 Sweet Chuck            Chuck’s Kuwait  Kuwait
  40. Perfectly Ripe Avocados            Waitrose           National            UK
  41. Margherita        ZAPPO Lyon     France
  42. Famous Chicken           Zaatar w Zeit     Dubai    UAE
  43. Build Your Own Bowl     The Daily Cut    Singapore         Singapore
  44. Wow Cheeseburger       Wowburger       Limerick            Ireland
  45. Poke Love        I Love Poke       Turin     Italy
  46. Rainbow Bowl   Makito  Cagliari Italy
  47. Cheeseburger   Five Guys         Kuwait  Kuwait
  48. Classic Falafel   Operation Falafel           Dubai    UAE
  49. Margherita (Pizze tradizionali)    Assaje  Milano  Italy
  50. 2 Pcs Chicken Meal       KFC      Singapore         Singapore
  51. House Black Daal (V)    Dishoom           London UK
  52. CHEESUS CHRIST       Tripletta            Paris     France
  53. Kleine Puntzak (Small cone of fries)       Frituur Frans Hooiaard            Ghent   Belgium
  54. Shrimp Burger Set + Drink 吉列蝦漢堡 配小食 + 飲品      MOS Burger 摩斯漢堡            Hong Kong
  55. Men Wah BBQ Pork with Egg and Rice  Men Wah Bing Teng Hong Kong
  56. Caffè Latte        Starbucks Coffee           Singapore         Singapore
  57. Cheeseburger   Bunsen Dublin   Ireland
  58. Cheddar burger Le Ruisseau      Paris     France
  59. Giant Burger     Quick Liège       Liege    Belgium
  60. KFC Privilege Individual Meal for 1 精選1人餐     KFC 肯德基            Hong Kong        Hong Kong
  61. Small Cup (With Topping)          PICK - Dirwaza  Kuwait  Kuwait
  62. Double-Mushroom Swiss Meal   Burger King       Singapore            Singapore
  63. ShackBurger     Shake Shack     Dubai    UAE
  64. High Jamz Burger         High Joint         Dubai    UAE
  65. Bocca - Light spicy tomato creamsauce with or without bacon pasta Bocca Recollettenlei Ghent Belgium
  66. Majbous Chicken           Freej Suwaileh  Kuwait  Kuwait
  67. Dakota (Hamburgers)    Old Wild West   Roma   Italy
  68. Original Frozen Yogurt   Snog    London UK
  69. Make-Your-Own Taco (Large)     French tacos     Kortrijk  Belgium
  70. Noodles with 2 Toppings 雙拼小窩米線   Nam Kee Spring Roll Noodle 南記粉麵           Hong Kong
  71. Seed Caesar     Seed    Belfast Ireland
  72. Croissant          Tiong Bahru Bakery       Singapore         Singapore
  73. Medium Poke Bowl Aloha Salmon          Aloha Antwerp  Antwerp            Belgium
  74. Jerk Chicken and Chips White Men Can’t Jerk    London UK
  75. Asam Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice (Served with Chicken-Flavor Rice & Chicken Soup) 亞參海南雞飯 (配雞湯飯及清雞湯)            Asam 亞參雞飯 Hong Kong        Hong Kong
  76. Döner Kebab     Sürpriz  Paris     France
  77. Otacos Taille L  O’Tacos            Paris     France
  78. Mega San Sushi            Maki-San          Singapore         Singapore
  79. Akkawi Cheese Manoushe Street           Dubai    UAE
  80. Box Combo       Raising Canes   Kuwait  Kuwait
  81. Chicken Shawarma Sandwich    Ebn Amy           Kuwait  Kuwait
  82. Tenders With 2 Dips      Mad Egg           Dublin   Ireland
  83. Croissant          Renard Bakery  Brussels           Belgium
  84. BaconBurger     Five Guys         Milano  Italy
  85. 2-pc Chickenjoy with side           Jollibee Dubai    UAE
  86. Margherita        VIP Very Italian Pizza    Brighton            UK
  87. Crispy Quinoa   DS Café            Paris     France
  88. Baked BBQ Pork Buns (3pcs)    Tim Ho Wan      Singapore            Singapore
  89. Soup, 2 dishes and 1 vegetable combo 自選湯飯 2餸+1菜            Congee House 心粥館   Hong Kong
  90. katsu curry (chicken)     Wagamama      London UK
  91. FRESH Chicken Breast Sandwich          Supermac’s       Dublin            Ireland
  92. Crispy Quinoa   DS Café            Paris     France
  93. Salmon Poke    Pokèria by NIMA           Milano  Italy
  94. Beastie Burger  Beastie Burgers Antwerp           Antwerp            Belgium
  95. Baked BBQ Pork Buns (3pcs)    Tim Ho Wan      Singapore            Singapore
  96. Choose Any 2 Meats with Rice   Three Uncles    London UK
  97. Twister Sandwich          KFC      Dubai    UAE
  98. ShackBurger - شاك برغر  Shake Shack     Kuwait  Kuwait
  99. Burrito  FreshMex         Aberdeen          UK
  100. Classic Tonkotsu Ramen 天然豚骨拉麵  Ichiran 天然豚骨拉麵專門店一蘭    Hong Kong

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