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Ryanair Racks Up 10 Million Passengers in July

By Steve Wynne-Jones
Ryanair Racks Up 10 Million Passengers in July

Ryanair has flown a record 10.1 million passengers in the month of July this year, an achievement it claims is a first for any airline.

The 10.1 million figure represents an 11 per cent increase on the same month in July 2014. Load factor - how close to capacity a flight is - increased by 4 per cent to 95 per cent.

Marketing officer Kenny Jacobs claimed that it was the first time that any airline carried 10 million international passengers in a calendar month, owing the increased success to the overhauled customer service plan called 'Always Getting Better'.

The revamped customer service effort included allocated seating, improved in-flight experience and extra carry-on luggage, that were for so long causes for complaint with customers. The airline has also announced it will give the interiors and uniforms a makeover.

Jacobs also took a dig at Aer Lingus, which is currently wrapping up a takeover by IAG after a long saga. "We carried more customers in one month than Aer Lingus carried in a whole year," he added. Aer Lingus carried 9.77 million passengers in 2104.

Ryanair sold its 29.8 stake in Aer Lingus as part of the €1.4 billion takeover.