70% Of Irish Consumers Want Table Ordering Technology To Be A Permanent Fixture, Says Flipdish

By Dave Simpson
70% Of Irish Consumers Want Table Ordering Technology To Be A Permanent Fixture, Says Flipdish

Irish digital food ordering solution Flipdish has said that 70% of Irish consumers want table ordering technology to be a permanent fixture.


Flipdish stated, "Flipdish, a digital ordering platform, today revealed new research that investigates the use of technology among restaurant owners over the last 18 months of the pandemic. Technology was instrumental for survival during the pandemic as many businesses pivoted online. The research reveals that 48% of restaurant and takeaway owners have adopted new technologies since the start of the pandemic.

"44% of those who deployed new technologies in their business invested over €1,500 to do so. The most popular technology adaptations were website ordering (64%), QR code table ordering technology (57%) and the use of aggregator websites (29%). 79% of restaurant owners will continue to use technology adaptations as they come out the other side of the pandemic.

"Interestingly, when asked, 70% of Irish adults say that they would like pubs and restaurants to continue to offer QR code table ordering technology when COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted. Adults aged 18-24 (89%) and 33-44 (82%) were the age groups with the highest preference for restaurants and bars to continue to use this technology after the pandemic. Interestingly, 68% of those aged 65 and over would also prefer restaurants and pubs to continue to use table ordering technology when restrictions are lifted. 78% of females would prefer this technology remains opposed to 60% of males.

"Surprisingly, only 1% of adults aged 18 - 24 would prefer to order drinks at the bar over Christmas compared to 9% of those aged 25 - 34. The most likely age group to order from the bar this Christmas are those aged 35-44 (16%). Overall, 15% of adults will not go out to socialise over the Christmas period.


"Speaking on the research results James McCarthy, co-founder of Flipdish, stated, 'We are delighted to see that the public are enjoying using table ordering technology in addition to it having been a vital tool in helping restaurateurs combat the challenges of the COVID restrictions. We are confident that this technology will remain relevant long after the pandemic ends. The benefits of this technology goes far beyond the enjoyment customers get from using it. Here at Flipdish we are thrilled to see restaurant and takeaway owners implementing QR code table ordering technology which will help combat staff shortages and increase operational efficiency and consumer convenience. After a turbulent few months, the future of the sector is bright and the technology that Flipdish offers will allow restaurant owners to thrive in a post pandemic world.'

"70% of restaurant owners believe that the government should ring fence funding for the sector to adapt to new technology.

"The flash survey was conducted amongst members of the Restaurants Association of Ireland in September. Members of the Restaurants Association of Ireland are made up of full service restaurants, coffee shops, hotel restaurants, gastropubs, golf clubs and cookery schools. The second survey was conducted by Empathy Research and canvassed 1,000 Irish consumers for their insights into the technology used in bars and restaurants."

Flipdish Reveals What Ireland Ate On The Night Of The Late Late Toy Show

Flipdish has also revealed the most popular food orders on the night of The Late Late Toy Show.

In a separate statement, Flipdish said, "Flipdish, a digital ordering platform, has revealed the takeaway orders that were most popular among Irish consumers the night of the Late Late Toy Show. Unsurprisingly, orders increased by 18% compared to your typical Friday as the nation tuned into this year's Toy Show.


"Flipdish's data also revealed the top three food items that were in demand that night, these included chips (20%), battered sausages (8%) and chicken burgers (6%). To give that much needed sugar boost to ensure we saw the show out till the end, and got the final headcount of Ryan's Christmas jumpers, Coca Cola (4%) came out on top as the most popular soft drink ordered the night of the Toy Show.

"The top 10 food items ordered in Ireland:

  • "Chips (20%)
  • "Battered Sausages (8%)
  • "Chicken Burger (6%)
  • "Cheese Burger (6%)
  • "Hamburger/Quarter Pounder (5%)
  • "Margherita Pizza (5%)
  • "Cod (5%)
  • "Create your own Pizza (3%)
  • "Onion rings (3%)
  • "Chicken Goujons (2%)

"To make matters tasty, the most popular dips that Irish consumers ordered along with their chips were curry sauce (6%) and garlic sauce (6%). This was appropriate as the chipper (37%) was the most popular cuisine of the night, followed by pizza (17%) and burgers (6%).

"The top 10 Cuisine's ordered in Ireland:

  • "Chipper (37%)
  • "Pizza (17%)
  • "Burger (6%)
  • "Chinese (6%)
  • "Asian Fusion (6%)
  • "Indian (6%)
  • "Italian (4%)
  • "Thai (4%)
  • "Sushi (3%)

"Speaking on the research today, Conor McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of Flipdish, said, 'The Toy Show signifies the beginning of the Christmas season in Ireland and here at Flipdish we were delighted that our technology was used to cater for Irish consumers' appetite on Friday night. I am thrilled that Irish consumers are using Flipdish technology this Christmas to meet their food ordering needs. Not only does it satisfy their taste buds but it also supports local and independent businesses.


"'Flipdish's technology can help restaurants, bars, cafés, and hotels get online with their own branded website and mobile app within hours. This allows them to get online faster where they can connect with loyal consumers directly and ensure the best customer experience possible.'"

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