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Baby Jaws Sets The Trend

Published on Apr 1 2013 3:57 PM in Technology

Baby Jaws Sets The Trend

Recycling specialist PEL has just launched Baby Jaws, an under-the-counter bottle crusher.The machine reduces the volume of glass waste by a staggering 80%. Winner of the Shell Award for Innovation, Baby Jaws is a green, mean recycling machine, which helps pubs, clubs, restaurants and caf├ęs save money by reducing waste disposal costs. Baby Jaws also keeps your neighbours happy by cutting down the clutter of clinking glass being chucked out at night. Baby Jaws is now a common sight behind the counter in Irish bars and also in UK hotels and pubs. One vocal champion of Baby Jaws is Oliver Hughes, CEO of Porterhouse Group which operates in Dublin, London and New York. When The Porterhouse, one of Dublin's busiest pubs and with such a vast amount of bottles to dispose of, found itself with limited space for bins, Oliver knew he had to find a waste solution."I had done huge amounts of research into different machines but couldn't find a suitable, small low-maintenance machine suitable, in size to fit discreetly under the bar and at the same time do the work of a Trojan horse in breaking bottles- then I discovered PEL," says Hughes. "I called them immediately and had Baby Jaws installed at The Porterhouse and rolled out throughout the group.No more wheeling bottle bins through crowded bars. Bar staff are behind the bar all night. We are making money and saving money, no more segregation of the bottle. Great Product." visit

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