More Chefs From The UK And Ireland Are Embracing Gastronomixs

By Dave Simpson
More Chefs From The UK And Ireland Are Embracing Gastronomixs

The worldwide rollout of Gastronomixs, the idea generator for chefs, was launched in the United Kingdom and Ireland just over six weeks ago. The need for a modern reference work for chefs has proved pressing - hundreds of professional chefs have already registered. The new users have indicated that Gastronomixs is a concrete tool for them to stay informed about the constant stream of new developments in gastronomy. The fact that all recipes in the database were developed by professional chefs from all over the world creates a sense of confidence in the platform.


What sets Gastronomixs apart from other sources is that the platform provides knowledge in the form of building blocks, also called components. These are not dishes, but preparations of one single ingredient such as fennel sorbet, puffed wild rice or deep-fried egg yolk. You can use these components to quickly create new dishes or make changes to existing ones. Chefs are using Gastronomixs to quickly generate ideas. Need a crispy element to complete a dish? No problem! Within ten seconds you can choose from more than 200 ideas. Classic preparations and the latest techniques are all conveniently arranged per ingredient on Gastronomixs. Spending hours searching for the perfect recipe or dish is a thing of the past!




In addition to being a never-ending source of inspiration through the many components, you can also find hundreds of dishes on Gastronomixs. Many of these were created by famous chefs. Each month, an international top chef shares three of their signature dishes on Gastronomixs. Famous Irish and English chefs JP McMahon, Douglas McMaster, Isaac McHale, and Nathan Outlaw have already been guests on the platform. This month, Robin Gill shares three fantastic dishes from his recently published cookbook, Larder.


For just €6 per month or €60 per year, you have full access to the platform. But you can always first try a free two-week account to see how Gastronomixs can inspire you. Go to and be inspired!

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